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The Baseline Transparency Standard - Video

Watch our short 3 minute video that describes the Baseline Transparency Standard in clear, simple terms.

You can help keep people informed

It took years of research to develop a clear roadmap to state transparency information. It takes a huge effort to maintain and update that information. The Annual State Transparency Reports are based on this information, and are an invaluable reference for Elected Officials, members of the media, public employees, and citizens throughout the nation.

Informed people make better decisions

It sounds obvious, but its true... Informed people really do make better decisions. Navigating the maze of transparency information that states publish is a daunting task. Even if you find what you are looking for, it is likely to be published in a format that is either unusable or difficult to understand, or even worse, some information may have been omitted.

Establishing the benchmark for state transparency, and putting that benchmark in the hands of leaders, media, public employees, and citizens is the only way to correct this problem. Every state must play on the same transparency playing field, with the same rules.

TransparaGov has produced this baseline, and publishes state by state annual reports using this baseline as a benchmark. It is critical to put these reports in the hands of our leaders, public employees and the media. This is where you can help.

You can help defray the cost ...

The cost of producing and distributing the BTI® and 50 detailed ASTR® reports is substantial. The benefit that we'll all realize when we place it in the hands of our elected officials, members of the media, and public employees is truly remarkable. With your help, we'll succeed in delivering a copy of their state's report to each of these people, without cost to them.
7,600+ Elected State Officials - Need to understand exactly what is published, and what is not. Government leaders need the information their states publish as much as we do.  They need the BTI® and the ASTR® report to know where to look!
12,900+ Members of the Media - Spend every working moment digging into information. The BTI® and the ASTR® report is their roadmap to finding critical performance information that is the objective non-partisan measure of our leaders' performance.
Millions of Public Employees - Are responsible for distributing and consuming taxpayer resources. This information is vital in the effort to ensure that our resources are properly managed and consumed.

You can help put the BTI® and the ASTR® report in their hands, and on their devices.

TransparaGov Analysts have been hard at work gathering, analyzing and compiling financial, operational and behind the scenes transparency information from every state in our nation. They're compiling this information into a series of comprehensive transparency reports available in Print, Apple iBooks, Kindle, PDF and ePub formats.

It's a big job

There are thousands of elected officials across the nation, and this group changes with each election. Each state does things differently, a fact that adds to the chaos. It's a big job to keep them all informed and up to date.

It takes a huge amount of effort and resources to complete the task of producing state reports, tracking down all of the transparency information, and distributing it to the people who need it.

Your help is invaluable, and absolutely necessary in order to succeed. With your help, we can deliver the information that serves as our foundation of accountability.

ASTR® Reports Underway in all 50 states

Your contributions help deliver the ASTR® Report... Cost Free.

TransparaGov dove deep, researching each state's activities, and information infrastructures in order to understand exactly what transparency information states can... and should publish. This is how the Baseline Transparency Index came to be. It defines exactly what information states should publish, and in what form to publish it... so that its useful and understandable.

The Baseline Transparency Index is a benchmark to evaluate each state's transparency publications, and is the basis for the ASTR® reports... state by state analysis that establishes what states are doing right, and where they must improve. Our foundation distributes that report free of charge to those who need it. Thats where you come in.

To Elected Officials

In the hands of our elected officials, The BTI® and the ASTR® report are an invaluable resource to help achieve real transparency. It enables leaders to easily locate their own state's publications, and provides insight that leads to improvement.

To Members of the Media

In the hands of the media, the BTI® and the ASTR® report provide clarity to journalists seeking to understand the actions taken by our state government. It acts as the benchmark against which our leader's actions are measured. and a roadmap to transparency data.

To Public Employees

Public employees make decisions every day that expend our resources.  the information in the BTI® and the ASTR® report help public employees understand that their decisions effect us all, helps to create a culture of responsibility and accountability.

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We work hard to develop a solid foundation for state government transparency. This work involves tedious research, exahusting hours, and significant expertise. This work isn't easy.

Your contributions not only lighten our load by helping to defray our costs, but they let us know that you support the work that we do... and that means a lot to all of us doing that work.

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